This one struck me as I read it in the paper on Monday.

This chick is TWENTY-THREE YEARS OLD. She has the opportunity to go on a cruise. And she's letting her parents dictate whether or not she can go on a vacation?

This isn't a case of "you live in my house, you live by my rules." She's not asking permission to have the boyfriend sleep over.

Dear Abby screwed this one up. She doesn't need a chaperone and she doesn't need to get married. She probably needs to move out of her parents home, but if I'm in the same situation... I take the cruise despite my parents objections. They need to have faith in the daughter that she isn't going to be a ****ing machine on the vacation. And if she is... it's not her parents business at 23!

The good people do is interred with their bones. Their mistakes live on forever...