It was bound to happen.

And, still, Palin was out on the stump again today, stirring up hatred, using her racist "code" words, and the crowd was in it's usual hate frenzy shouting hate, which she didn't try to calm down. I think she gets a special thrill out of stirring up hatred.
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Are you serious? Is that even remotely fair to say? These were two white supremacists who would have acted like this regardless of who Obama was running against. This is not his first assassination plot either. There are a lot of crazy people out there.
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Look, when that crazy ass woman carved a backwards B on her face and said an African-American Obama supporter did it, McCain/Palin found time to call her and jump all over the story even before the police confirmed her story. Come to think of it, even Obama called and commented on it. Why can't they acknowledge at least what happened to him?
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