How is it playing dumb to ask a question? I would like someone to cite what it is they perceive to be code words. I ask for clarification and now I'm stupid or playing so. Thanks. I don't share your view that every is that malleable or manipulated but you are entitled to your opinion
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CottonCandy... You're very smart. I see you on these threads and you often times evaluate things from a different perspective which I can appreciate because it forces me to look at things from all angles. So evaluate now. You're very good at breaking down the semantics and you don't need clarification. You don't have to share my view, or agree with me, but don't be so complacent in your own ideals.

Scroll up and read the William Lynch Quote again, then sleep on it.
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I'll let his words marinate and sleep on it. But I think we just look at the world differently. All the reasons I'm not voting for Obama have little to do with his race. As a black woman it's not like I'm an advocate for divisiveness or race-baiting. I don't want to live in a world with crazy skinheads plotting my demise.

But if Obama was a Russian named Baruch. The fears about him would be the same. His racist pastor, his "former" domestic terrorist neighbor, his voting record, his sealed school records, an in-the-tank MSM, a redistributionist economic plan, his preference for activist judges, his lack of executive experience, his neophyte ideas about foreign policy, his loopy VP, his tax hikes and increased spending, and on and on and on. None of these have to do with race!