Thanks, curlsabound and kat! You guys are so sweet!

As for my routine, curlsabound, basically after washing/conditioning, I tip my head upside down, completely saturate it with water, rake/scrunch/smooth in a gumball sized glob conditioner, then scrunch in one pump of re:coil. Then I use the tightly wound gel. I don't spray it on; it wouldn't give me enough coverage. I usually just pull off the sprayer and glob it into my hands before scrunching all over. Maybe two or three big globs. Plop for about ten minutes, airdry, then I scrunch out the crunch.

I think the key for softness is the leave-in and the lighter hold gel. I do get pretty crispy while drying, but it scrunches right out and feels great for the rest of the day. The only downside to the softness is that in the back, where my curl pattern is naturally looser, the ringlets sometimes fall out into waves.
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