I'll let his words marinate and sleep on it. But I think we just look at the world differently. All the reasons I'm not voting for Obama have little to do with his race. As a black woman it's not like I'm an advocate for divisiveness or race-baiting. I don't want to live in a world with crazy skinheads plotting my demise.
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That's why I like you CC. Feisty, but with good, calculated reasoning. I understand why you're voting the way you are. I'm just glad you're voting. But my post was more in response to your "what are the codes?" question. I don't go hunting for inequality/racism, but I have a very keen nose for it. Being born and raised in the south and a victim of it myself, it's a stench that I can't ignore, even in it's subtle forms.

Also, the William Lynch speech "The Makings of a Slave" is a good read. I encourage you to study it and pm me with your thoughts.

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