Why did the crowd even groan or boo? If they were shouting redistributor I don't think you would hear groaning from the crowd. Also, I just listened to this video - I did not watch it I just listened....that is the N word....sorry.


I have to say I have such a hard time listening to her and I think I figured it out - her speech cadence is off. (Is that the proper use of that word??-I think it is but want to make sure) Her speech does not flow - it's hard for me to pay attention.
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Have you been following the campaign or Joe the Plumber. People don't like redistribution especially people who go to a Palin rally. Also why haven't I heard anything about it on the news. They all jumped to spread the false "kill him" story. Why aren't they all over this? If someone can verify that is what was shouted in the crowd, I'd condemn it and look at their campaign with heavy suspicion. But words flashing on a screen on a youtube clip with poor audio in the background is not proof of much.
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The link I posted is a different one - it does not have the words popping up. Go take a listen.

And please don't assume I don't know what's going on with this campaign. We can disagree but don't be insulting.
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I was not trying to be insulting xcptnl but you were asking why they would groan at redistribution which is what the whole Joe the Plumber episode was about. Sorry if that came across as rude. I checked out the link and it is much clearer that the n-word was said in that video. And if true, a million times more disturbing. She's not responsible for the knuckleheads who show up at her rally but why didn't she freaking say something if not then, why not a statement later.
Andrew Sullivan is working on validating what was actually said since these things can be doctored for a youtube clip. The two videos sound very different. So i'll have to hold reservation. But if that was said and she didnt' say jack about it, it's evil and a sign of a seriously deficient character.