I use Peter Gillham's Natural Vitality CalMag. It's powdered, and comes original, raspberry, or lemon flavored.
Heat 8 oz of water, stir in a spoonful, add some cool water, and drink it like a tea. I've gotten used to the taste, but in the beginning I added a little bit of lemon juice.
I drink it just before bed so my body has calcium and magnesium to produce hgh and help me sleep. I sleep like a rock when I take it, except around 3-6am I need to go to the bathroom. But, I go to sleep quickly after the bathroom break.
I've tried a lot of calcium supplements, going back to 5 years old when my parents started us on supplements. I really like this one because it's easily absorbed and utilized by my body, and it's easy to take.
This line of calcium and magnesium products has several different calcium:magnesium ratios, too. They (I don't know who they is) used to say the ratio should be 2:1, now they're saying it should be 1:2. I've found my body works best around 1:1 but can't find a product I like with that ratio. So I stick with this one.

If you'd rather take it in pill form, I've heard Country Life's Nerve and Osteo absorbs well.
Make sure you take vitamins A, C, E, and a multi-B to assist with absorption. Taking it on an empty stomach, say an hour before you eat (or bedtime) and with orange juice is better, too. The stomach needs to be more acidic, so taking calcium with a meal or milk, or using Tums, will reduce absorption.
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