"He's not one of us". "Pals around with terrorists" (everyone knows terrorists are dark-skinned). "He wants to take your money and give it out as welfare".

Palin adding fuel to the racist fire and not trying to calm down the hatred at her rallies is wrong.
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And when I hear Timothy McVeigh I think dark-skinned? Um no. Bill Ayers record speaks for itself...a desire to overthrow the government and kill innocent civilians and institute a communist regime. Great. And giving a "income tax credit" to people who don't pay income taxes is what? The He's not one of us was in a full speech referring to how Obama sees the country differently than most americans who believe in american exceptionalism, a strong military, and are not part of the far-left. It's like no one can say anything about Obama without having the racism charge levied at them. I'm glad you like your candidate, but man up. He is not the end all be all. And a number of his views are way out of the mainstream. I wouldn't care if he a purple man from Brazil, there are more than enough reasons to not want to vote for the guy.

And I'm disturbed by how he has leveled pre-emptive race charges at everyone so as to deflect any attention to his record or associations. And now everyone is so race obsessed they are combing over people's words in the most outrageous ways. This goes back to portraying the Clintons as racist for saying something true about LBJ and MLK. Or Bill saying Jesse Jackson won South Carolina. Gee whiz people. Grow up. If you want to live life digging for "racism" at every turn, have at it.

This has gone from a thread where everyone was genuinely concerned for the Obama's safety into an attack on Palin and how she is the KKK puppet master. And when I say Palin Derangment Syndrome, you guys think I'm crazy. Okie dokie. Good luck with that.
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McVeigh wasn't a terrorist. He was a mass murderer. Terrorists work for ongoing fear. McVeigh worked in one single incident of mass death. The general perception of "terrorist" in this country is someone from the Middle East, and it goes along with all the whisper-emails accusing Obama of being a muslim that McCain used as part of his campaign process.

Our country has been giving Earned Income Credit to low-wage earners as part of our tax codes for DECADES. If you want to pin that on Obama, then you might be as ignorant as the rest of McCain/Palin crowd. Luckily, I think most people are savvy enough about income taxes to know what it means. Yeah, we have some socialist programs in this country. SOCIAL Security is one such program. Welfare is another. The EIC is socialist also. What of it? We need a bit of socialism to take care of our young, sick, and elderly population. You'd rather we didn't?

I "woman up", not "man up".
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Are you serious? He is documented as conducting the largest domestic terrorist attack since 9/11. He was an anti-government gun nut who wanted to target federal officials who were involved in the Waco and Ruby Ridge standoffs and kill innocent civilians in the process. His whole goal was to scare and intimidate and threaten the country for not being as extremist and crazy as himself. Because he was caught shortly afterwards did not mean he did not have ongoing plans to wreak havoc. The man was so extreme he quit the NRA because he found them weak on gun laws.To call him a mass murderer is laughable at best, his target was the "evil empire" not people. He maybe of the neo-nazi right wing variety but he's a TERRORIST.

Did I pin EITC on Obama? No he didn't create them and he won't end them. But I think his whole tax cut schpiel is extremely misleading. Here's a decent article breaking down his 95% tax cut his campaign keeps proclaiming on the stump. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122385651698727257.html.

If you have read some of my posts you would no that I have never advocated to eliminate all entitlement programs. But they need to be restructured. There is an old post where I talk about the first versions of welfare reform enacted by the Democrats in the 60's and how it actually made the black community worse off. I'm not against helping people but I don't have any illusions how some forms of "help" can lead to irresponsibility, shiftlessness and dependency. There is a balance. But you'd rather call me ignorant and unsavvy. Okay.