actually, i was thinking that just MIGHT be the case. sure, she's 23, but if she's accepting her parents help by living with them, it's only natural to assume there might be conditions. if she doesn't like the conditions, she should get her own apartment and be done with it.
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Which is why I add "she probably should move out."

However, "my house, my rules" should NEVER mean that you have to live the entirety of your life by the parents rules... absolutely NOT.

- Don't come home after 11. Okay.
- Don't come home drunk. Okay.
- No BF sleepovers. Okay.
- No unannounced guests. Okay.
- Mow the lawn. Great.
- Take out the trash. Super.
- Do the dishes. Okay.
- Make your bed when you get up in the morning. I can handle.

But "you can't take a vacation?" Get outta dodge. Not in this lifetime. What's next? You can't eat at a certain restaurant? Work at a particular job? Drive a certain car? Hang out with certain friends?

Okay... I'll go on the vacation, and I promise not to have pre-marital sex. HOUSE rules don't extend beyond the HOUSE. And they CERTAINLY should not for someone who is 23-years old.

Parents Options:

1) Trust their daughter.
2) Alienate their daughter, have her move out, go on the same vacation and have the same premarital sex.

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