If you want the east and west coasts of the country to decide elections, then go ahead and get rid of the electoral college and go with popular vote.
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Sorry, I have to respond to this one too. The vast majority of the population lives near the coasts. If each person's vote counts equally then of course some "regions" would count more than others - not because there are more liberals there but because there are more humans there, and thus, more votes.

Which would you rather have - your vote counting the same as someone else's? Or would you rather have your vote count less than someone else's so that your "regions" can count the same and you have the bad luck to live in a region with more people in it?

Personally, I am in favor of one vote per person and each person's vote counting exactly the same as everyone else's. I haven't heard any legitimate or sensible arguments in favor of using the electoral college in modern times.

I will stop for real now or this thread is going to drive me nuts.