your hair looks great. I'm scheduled to have this treatment done in three weeks but I'm having second thoughts. I have 3c type hair which I actually love but lately I have been having lots of problems with frizziness, dryness and most annoying....these horrible knots that I've been getting very close to my scalp. I've tried every conditioner out there and nothing has really helped so I went to my salon to have the Phytospecific hair relaxer done but only to my roots since I want to keep my curls but have it some what easier to manage. I've done this in the past and it really helps my hair but I haven't done it almost 3 years. My hair stylist refused to do the relaxer and instead recommended the Keratin treatment for my hair. I'm hesistant bc I don't want to lose my curls but I definitley need something to make my life easier when it comes to my hair. She told me the relaxer would break my hair since it's colored and I have a few highlights throughout and I definitely do not want that. Not sure what I should do....I don't even know how to style my hair straight since i've always worn it curly. Help! I need to know will my hair still have some curl to it with the BKT and do you have to wait for you hair to grow out orrrr does it wash out little by little????