I agree w/ JeepCurly. Oprah can wear her hair however she wants. However, I don't think Oprah is ashamed of her kinky 4b hair. She has never denied her real hair texture. In fact, she actually did a show where she showed how she looked before hair and makeup.

I actually like her lace front wig styles. I do think it looks great on her. This is not to pick on the OP, but why is it a big deal that she wears a wig? Most celebs -- no matter their natural hair texture -- wear wigs/weaves at some point and most of them color their hair. Some even perm or relax.

I also think that most women with Oprah's type of hair would not be able to wear it natural unless they had a lot of power in the entertainment industry. It's an unappreciated hair type. Even though some people with medium curly (3 type) hair face some resistance, it seems like those with wavy or kinky hair face the most resistance.

ETA: I realized that it's a big deal for those who are always told their hair is not good enough or desirable. However, I just don't think it's Oprah's feelings. :-)
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