My initial reaction was Oh for crying out loud is she off her rocker?

But upon thinking about it further, I would say that while her advice sucks, I agree with what I believe her message to be. This girl is choosing to live with her parents. As was stated earlier, if she doesnt want to abide by the rules, she can move out. Many parents instill similar rules on thier kids within the bounds of their homes. I know a couple that has lived together for 20+ years, but since they are not married, the womans parents do not allow them to sleep in the same room when they visit. Parents can be weird like that.

By inviting a chaperone, it gives the parents a false sense of security that nothing will/can happen. Ignorance is bliss in many cases. Abby didn't say the chaperone had to share a room, or anything like that. Invite a 3rd person to please the parents. Simple enough. If she doesnt like it, then grow up and move out. I think Abby was simply offering ways around the situation that would please the parents. The girl is not looking to start WWIII, and by blatantly going against her parents wishes, that is what she would be doing. Abby simply gave the two options that the parents might accept.
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Aya. That's Aya spelled backwards.

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