Hmmm, I don't know. I don't think this is a good idea. If it were an Obama mannequin people would be in an uproar and with good reason.

WeHo Mayor Asks For Removal Of Palin Effigy

WEST HOLLYWOOD Jeffrey Prang, mayor of West Hollywood, asked a resident Monday to remove a controversial effigy of Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin hanging by a noose outside the resident's home.

"I respect that we all have the right to freedom of speech," Prang said. "However, with that right comes responsibility. While these residents have the legal right to display Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin in effigy, I strongly oppose political speech that references violence -- real or perceived.

The display includes a mannequin has been outfitted to look like Palin --with glasses, a beehive wig and a red business suit -- and is hanging from a noose outside a WeHo residence. The display also depicts a devilish John McCain emerging from flames.

"We see people stopping and taking pictures, and the tour buses are stopping and slowing down ... people reach out and take pictures," display creator Chad Michael Morrisette told KCAL9.

Morrisette conceded an image of Barack Obama being hanged by a noose wouldn't go over well. "I know if we had done it with Obama, people would've probably thrown things through our windows," Morrisette said. "The image of a hanged black man is a lot more intense than the image of a hanged white woman -- for our country -- in the history of our country."

Morrisette said his display might be unacceptable any other month, but his subjects are fair game during the Halloween season.

"It should be seen as art and it should be seen within the month of October. It is Halloween. It's time to be scary. It's time to be spooky," Morrisette said.
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