I'm going to play devil's advocate--
  • Homeless
How would this be a factor any more than it is now? You need a current address to register. How many homeless people are registered to vote? How many do vote? This seems like a more general issue that an I.D. card would not really effect.
  • If you move (and your ID on your address doesn't match the book, you move to provisional"
If you move to a new state and don't register in time, you still vote provisional. It is on you to change your own record. If you are responsible enough to vote, you should be responsible enough to change your information. People do this now.
  • More provisional ballots means more ppl needed to verify the results, delaying results
I don't see how there would be more provisional ballots with an I.D. vs. what we have now.
  • Some states are pushing those who voted provisionally to come back with ID
Big deal?
  • What happens if you loose YOur ID
Get a new one (much like getting a new driver's license)
  • Passports don't count as valid ID (they don't have YOur address on them)
Okay (sow hat?)? And also not everyone has a passport.
  • Requiring ID does not prevent fake IDS (the whole purpose of the program)
I'm guessing people checking them will be able to recognize fake IDs. you need an I.D. for plane travel and that is for security reasons.
  • We have a bad history when it comes to adding "extra layers" in order to vote
I can see this point to a degree, but where do you draw the line? Voting is a right, but it comes with rules like anything else. I don't think this is *that* big of a deal. i don't see the outrage when someone needs a driver's license to drive or a passport to travel internationally. Those are "rights" too but they require ID's as well.

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