• Homeless
  • If you move (and your ID on your address doesn't match the book, you move to provisional"
  • More provisional ballots means more ppl needed to verify the results, delaying results
  • Some states are pushing those who voted provisionally to come back with ID
  • What happens if you loose ur ID
  • Passports don't count as valid ID (they don't have ur address on them)
  • Requiring ID does not prevent fake IDS (the whole purpose of the program)
  • We have a bad history when it comes to adding "extra layers" in order to vote
Originally Posted by scrills
NOT trying to argue with you, scrills, because I do find this a very interesting idea. Just tossing out thoughts So, that said:

Let's say we could set up a non-profit that could manage this.

1) Couldn't the homeless be allowed to use the address of the non-profit as an address? Do you not have to have a SS to get any benefits? The registration could be tied to that number. That way you could vote without having a personal address.

2) Could there be a provision that if you move your vote goes with you as long as you re-register within a certain number of hours before the election? If this was a national computerized system then you could do what MN allows which is same day registration at the polls. Works really well here and you aren't provisional.

3) If it was computerized then the database would verify you immediately. For instance: we moved from CO to MN. Once we registered with MN CO's system new we were hear and can't vote there.

4) If you lose your ID? Hmmm, don't know what to do about that one.

5) If you have a Passport didn't you have to show some kind of ID to get it? I can't remember it's been too long since I applied for mine.

6) You're right, people could use a fake ID. But how do people register to vote if you don't have ID to begin with? A Current utility bill with your address on it? But couldn't you be paying a utility bill but be illegal? How else would you get registered?

I understand the bad history and would hate to see going back to those horrible old days. We cannot let that happen. I was just thinking that there must be some way to create a stable, safe, updated system that would ensure that no one's vote could be stolen.
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