I was just thinking that there must be some way to create a stable, safe, updated system that would ensure that no one's vote could be stolen.
This is how I feel too. I know this is paranoid, but I feel unsettled that there isn't any kind of tracking system for votes. Sure, I vote, I get my sticker and drive away, but who really knows if it actually counted.
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Exactly! I feel this way and I'm white. I can't imagine how someone who's not white must feel right now. I know I'm repeating myself but I don't understand how we can safeguard other critical government information but can't seem to tackle this one. That's why I'm thinking if there was a non-profit, non-governmental, inclusive type organization that was nation wide and computerized we could take out all the partisan fear that exists in our voting process. I never again want to go through what we have in the past. I hate that I fear for this election, both for people's rights but also for their safety. If we knew it was a safe and fair system that seems like it would take a lot of the rancor out of the process.
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To me it's not a race related thing, but I get what you mean. The truly disadvantaged are new voters who are completely unfamiliar (and sometimes intimidated) with the process. I don't want to see any extra votes being counted, I don't want my vote or anyone else's discarded and I don't want to see false information being spread. I just want it to be a fair process. It shouldn't be difficult in theory, but when there's power involved, people can do some pretty corrupt things on both sides.