This is how I feel too. I know this is paranoid, but I feel unsettled that there isn't any kind of tracking system for votes. Sure, I vote, I get my sticker and drive away, but who really knows if it actually counted.
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I'm confused are saying you want your vote linked to your id?

Here we show our ID sign in in the book and then get a long sheet. Once we vote, we feed our own ballot into this scanner like counter. At the end of the day all those votes are downloaded. Our picture ID is just to show we really are joe blow living at 123 main st.
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I just want a record that I voted--basic count, but not specifically how I voted. Voting in my area is completely computerized. I guess the only record would be the paper at the voting site where I signed my name.
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Aha, got it. That's how the early voting thing is here. It was my first time using that machine and I didn't like either. My choices show up on the side of the screen and then I don't know where. I made a comment to my daughter about it.

Personally, I like the paper ballots. I like that if the computer malfunctions they could be hand counted. Hanging chads or not it's better than nothing.
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