Legally, I don't know that it's a problem, and I'm not sure it should be.

Personally, I'd hope a person would have more sense than that.
Originally Posted by MichelleBFT
Umm....wait a minute? If a white person hung a black mannequin they would most likely be charged with a hate crime. Why in this instance should it be any different?

Oh wait!.... I know! I know! Because with the left there is always a double standard.

This was done in poor taste and no it's not just because I am for the right side of issues.
Originally Posted by notegal
Come-on Notegal! Most everyone who has responded to this thread has agreed that it's wrong and should be dealt with by authorities. There is no double standard!

I posted a thread about a similar Obama effigy and there wasn't an arrest there either.

Wrong is wrong is wrong. If we need to modify laws to make people pay, then we should advocate for that. But I repeat, there is no double standard here.

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