It was a matter of principle with my parents. Whenever a situation arose with a girlfriend that would see her sleep-over... a vacation... a late-night out... either I or she slept on the couch or in another available room.

Not doing drugs... I understand and wasn't giving a "strict" interpretation of not extending beyond the property lines.

However, there are house rules and then there is trying to control someone's life. I flat-out disagree that living with your parents entitles them to make rules to govern every aspect of your life, including who you would take a vacation with.

Not only is it disrespectful to the daughter, it clearly demonstrates a lack of trust.

Is that what rules are supposed to do?

I don't disagree that she should move out. However, under her circumstances, I would flat-out tell them to either kick me out, or I will make appropriate arrangements to move out, but under NO circumstances would they EVER get away with a rule (at 23YO) that would preclude my taking a vacation. NEVER.

She lives at home. She isn't under house arrest.

She can have sex in a car. Sex over his house. Sex in a motel. Sex at work. She can have sex with her boyfriend anytime and anywhere she wants. So she should not take a vacation to appease her parents contention that her not going means they won't have sex? What if they have no intention of having sex until marriage?

This isn't about being a "house rule" it's about being a control freak, no question in my mind.

I might add... I am totally STUNNED at how close the vote is. I didn't post this with that expectation.
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