I'm Australian and like many of my countrymen, I couldn't believe that the voters of the US would put George Bush in once, let alone twice. He and his party seem so reactionary and old fashioned to me. If the Republicans are elected again, the world will think the US has just shifted from one red neck Christian to another in Palin. McCain might not be extreme, but she certainly seems to be.

The over the top patriotism and fundamentalist Christian attitudes are scary in what is supposed to be a secular government, because they lead to suspicion of anyone who does not share their views. From here, the US seems very insular and unwilling to understand the world.

Because of this, I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed hoping that Obama is elected president next week. I think it is the only way the US will regain the respect of the majority of the world.
If you can't be a Good Example, then you'll just have to be a Horrible Warning