Trenell, i'm jealous.

no matter what a lot of people in your country think of President Clinton, and his personal life aside, i actually admire him. i'm only sorry he waited this long to appear with Senator Obama in public, because i think more visible support from he and Senator Clinton, would have been helpful at the start of the campaign. however, i do understand that it is hard to put aside the bitter disappointment that Mrs. Clinton would have had at the time.

Senator Obama is an inspiration to ME and i can't even vote for the man!

and Jimmy Smits, too - *swoon*!

as strange as this is going to sound, much of the way Senator Obama's campaign has been run reminds me somewhat of the way they ran the campaign of "Matt Santos" on The West Wing. if you recall, Santos didn't focus on "latino issues" because he didn't want to be "the latino candidate". and i understand there has been some criticism of Senator Obama for not having more focus on "black issues". just from seeing that story arc on The West Wing, i understood where he was coming from.

(eta: this article is interesting - Jimmy Smits actually modelled Congressman Santos on Senator Obama....)
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