We require photo ID and confirmation of address to vote in Canada. If you don't have a drivers license, you can use a passport + utility bill (something with your address on it). If you don't have any ID, you can have someone come with you and sign a "testament to your identity".

We had the lowest turnout ever for our last election (60%) and some speculate that it was because all of these rules having recently been put in place. I can see the validity of having the rules, but there needs to be better organization in educating people beforehand and having systems set up for those who may not easily meet all the requirements.
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I agree. This is something that has to be really thought out. I look at it as another layer to vote, that requires another agency, more rules, etc

No need to apologize, I was just giving you some thoughts from the other side. I just happened to be listening to NPR that morning and someone from the Board of Elections was on.

More thoughts....
- if you barely had time to make it to polls the first time, what makes you think people are going to show back up again if they forgot their IDS

- If you move, you have 6 months to update your ID. if that time occurs during an election and you've re-registered at ur new address, you have to vote provisionally

- If ur homeless, an ID may not be ur #1 priority. #2, you have no address for your ID

- What if you loose your ID on Election Day? or the week before?

- you do not need an ID to travel. you can travel without but it requires extra screening (think about those who loose their wallets on vacation)

- what if you get out of jail the day before the election and aren't able to get an ID in time?

- What if you turn 18 on election day?

- According to the lady on the radio, voter fraud is not an issue as bad registrations don't result in double votes