if you barely had time to make it to polls the first time, what makes you think people are going to show back up again if they forgot their IDS

--it is on them. And perhaps those who don't return have the option to fill out a provisional ballot under the condition that they return to the polling place (or local with their ID (maybe within 24 hours)

- If you move, you have 6 months to update your ID. if that time occurs during an election and you've re-registered at ur new address, you have to vote provisionally

You already have to do this in today's system if your address is not updated.

- If ur homeless, an ID may not be YOur #1 priority. #2, you have no address for your ID

I'm guessing if you're homeless, VOTING may not be your first priority either.

- What if you lose your ID on Election Day? or the week before?

Replace it. I don't see this being an extensive process like getting a passport, more like a driver's license where you go in and walk out with a new I.D.

- you do not need an ID to travel. you can travel without but it requires extra screening (think about those who loose their wallets on vacation)

-Okay, why can't the "extra screening" apply to voters too? Having an ID just makes the process easier.

- what if you get out of jail the day before the election and aren't able to get an ID in time?

-Far fetched, but I'm guessing there is a transition period for people getting out. What if you get out of jail the day before the election (with our current system)? Registration cut off was weeks ago.

- What if you turn 18 on election day?

How is this any different than the current system? Give IDs to people who will be eligible by election day. Not a big deal. 17 YO's who will be 18 by the time of the general election can vote in primaries.

- According to the lady on the radio, voter fraud is not an issue as bad registrations don't result in double votes

Of course--the "lady on the radio." No, but people might cast votes in multiple juristictions if someone's clever enough.

Again, I don't see how an extra check (I.D.) would vastly change the current system as is. Many of your examples are applicable to today's system or else they're reaching.