If the vote passes, they will have term limits of 2 consecutive four year terms. But the way it was worded, it looks like they could get elected again after taking a term off.
I think this is a good idea. It gives enough time to accomplish things w/o enabling the "political career" mindset. And then someone else gets a chance. Running again after a term off means that you will win again if you were an effective representative.

Poodle, so many people just go in and vote straight party without any consideration of possible single issues, or really consideration of anything except that the candidate exude certain traits and "values" they are most comfortable with. Many people are terrified of change, no matter how bad things are across the board. (But they are that way in everyday life, not just when thinking about politics). They vote D or R straight up b/c that is what their parents did, and their parents, and so on. Also, many people get their political news directly from their church groups (or even the workplace: http://www.newsweek.com/id/166193 ), and that is highly influential. No matter that they may actually be voting against their own interests, if they are convinced the person running strongly shares the same "values," that is who they vote for. There is a reason most politicians are slick speakers. They know how to come across as believable, even when what they speak to is not. That's why informed voters research and discuss! Democracy takes dilligence.