...he works for a plumbing company and under his boss's certification while he completes his apprenticeship and paperwork.
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Unlike some other states, Ohio does not have a formal statewide licensing system for plumbers. But the city of Toledo and other municipalities do, Mr. Joseph said, and Mr. Wurzelbacher has not met those requirements.

“All contractors are licensed, and he does not have a license, either as a contractor or a plumber,” the union official said, citing a search of government records. “I can’t find that he’s ever even applied for any kind of apprenticeship, and he has never belonged to local 189 in Columbus, which is what he claims on his Facebook page.”

(Mr. Joseph is Thomas Joseph, head of the union local for plumbers in Toledo, where Mr. Wurzelbacher lives.)

you're REALLY gullible
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I'm glad that instead of focusing on taxes, small business, civil liberties, or anything else about your candidate you'd rather talk ad nauseaum about a plumber in Ohio and relish the character assasination. Good for you. Y'all can keep at it, trash Joe Schmoe for asking a question. God knows no citizen can ask a question to a potential president. Especially if said question receives a mangled answer. Joe just had it coming.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Like how ohio officials and clerks have admittedly invaded his privacy. For what? To score political points. Last time there was a plot that involved plumbers and the illegal accessing of information we called it Watergate.

And I'm supposed to take the word of a union boss, who with his union threw support to Obama back in January over the people who actually license plumbers in the state of Ohio.

"Wurzelbacher still would need to be a licensed apprentice or journeyman to work in the city of Toledo and Lucas County — and he's not, according to David Golis, manager and residential building official for the Toledo Division of Building Inspection and Cheryl Schimming of Lucas County Building Regulations.
The two agencies handle plumber licenses in the area."

"Cheryl Schimming, a permit specialist for the Lucas County Building Regulations Department,
which licenses plumbers, confirmed that Wurzelbacher does not have a license but that [his boss, Al]
Newell does hold an Ohio license. But Wurzelbacher told reporters, and Schimming agreed,
that because he works for a licensed plumber, he is not required to have one."

And here's information on the state of Ohio.
“The Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (O.C.I.L.B.), Department of Commerce,
Division of Industrial Compliance, issues state commercial licenses to the following contractors:
electrical, HVAC, hydronics, plumbing, and refrigeration. To receive a state license, an applicant must meet the following requirements:
(1) be at least 18 years of age; (2) be a United States citizen or a legal alien-must provide proof of being a legal alien; (3) either have been a tradesperson in the type of licensed trade for which the application is filed for not less than five years immediately prior to the date the application is filed, currently be a registered engineer in this state with three years of business experience in the construction industry in the trade for which the engineer is applying to take the examination, or have other experience acceptable to the appropriate section of the board; (4) not have been convicted of or plead guilty to a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or of any felony; (5) pass the examination in the trade; (6) carry minimum $500,000 contractor liability coverage; (7) pay the applicable fees”

As I said before. That's it? Joe Schmoe is not the fool here. Sorry. Try again.