You always seem so angry when speaking against Obama. Maybe you should lay off the politics.... or not. I mean, it's your life

I can't wait until Nov. 4th... I think I'm gonna throw a watch party!
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How is that I seem angry? I'm told on here that I'm a troll, I drink kool-aid, i'm gullible, have my head in the clouds among other things. People post rolling eye icons, vomit icons, claim that I don't care for the other human beings, insult my intelligence yet I'm the one with a bad attitude. I'm sorry I don't take crap from some of the people on this board. I'm sorry that I can not be some clone of everyone else's political vies. I try to have discussions, bring different points of view, play devil's advocate and provide more information to the forum. But if anyone thinks I will not dish out back what I receive, they have got another thing coming. I've been involved in politics for the longest time, so it's really is no sweat of my back. Have a fun party. I'm having one as well with different drinks for all the nominees.