Hello Lillu,
I haven't tried Too Shea, and I'm trying really hard not to become a PJ before I BC. But when I BC I have a list of products I wanna try and the first ones will be KCCC & KCKT.
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Lol, I'm the same! I have a huge list of things i am dying to try but am waiting to BC first or i feel its a waste of products if i use it on my relaxed hair. I def want to try this KCCC... but not sure why its meant to be so good? Does it moisturise well, or make your hair really curly? If my natural hair was any curlier it would stick to my scalp!!

I'm trying my Too Shea this sunday, as my hair's straight at the moment. I'll report back on how it is!
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Too Shea! and WDT are the kinds of products that can work well on hair even though it's in transition because they're so moisturizing. I often co-wash with Too Shea and added honey, then use the WDT as a leave-in, distribute with my Denman and I'm good to go!
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