It's actually quite simple... The reason the McCain campaign looks silly is because they planted someone at a rally who falsely represented himself, and they are all continuing to falsely represent him, when we all know that he is not what he said he was.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions of the candidates. Good for him that he got the chance. But, he did not need to misrepresent himself to ask the question he did. He is living a fantasy, and allowing that fantasy to influence his decisions. And since the McCain campaign continues to trot him about, it makes it seem as though they are all for misrepresentations. Not really a good thing for a presidential candidate, if you ask me.
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One: Obama was walking around in Joe's Ohio neighborhood. This was not a rally. So a presidential candidate is making the rounds in your neighborhood, you're in front of your house with your kid and you seize the moment and jump to ask a question. Please explain how that makes you a "plant" and how being in front of your own house is remotely close to being at a "rally"

Two: he didn't falsely represent himself. I posted more information about the requirements of being a plumber and you can go back and check exactly what Joe said. The guy is a middle-class plumber who wants to own a plumbing business. And?

Three: He can ask any question he wants and it is not living a fantasy to have dreams and ambitions bigger than your current circumstance. I'm so disturbed by people who dismiss wanting to have a business or make more money as a fantasy. Am I not living in America. The land of opportunity with the pursuit of happiness and the American Dream.

I'm glad my immigrant parents didn't meet people who think like you do. Allowing their fantasy delusions for a better life influence their decisions back then. I'm glad my husband and I also ignored people who think enterpreneurship is a fantasy or living in a dreamworld. I've known quite a few rags to riches types who when poor voted on policies not just for today but for tommorow. They voted not just for their own wealth but for the economic well-being of the country so that they too could make something better down the road. They worked hard and some struck it pretty rich. This does not make them deluded or misguided. This makes them hard-working Americans who took some risks, went through a cycle of failure and success and made something of themselves.

My uncle, a staunch Democrat, who is about to launch a new business is leery of Obama's policies too. He lived through Carter and felt the pinch before. That's when a startup of his went bust. And he's siding with McGovern, the sole Democrat opposing the poorly named "Employee Free Choice Act"

Four: This kind of silly judgmentalist tone so many are taking against one guy and one question is maddening. Once again instead of debating the merits of the answer people would like to shoot the messenger. If Joe the Plumber was Xyborg the Martian, I really don't care. My concern is the answer given by the guy who wants to be President. More Americans are going to focus on the message not the messenger. I have yet to hear Obama get into the meat of just how he plans to spend taxpayer dollars on so many new entitlements. Where does he think that money is going to come from? And why is he disregarding the GAO one of the few honorable, non-partisan, working federal institutions, that says our current New Deal entitlement program are completely unsustainable. Two leading think tanks from the right and left agree. We are at the tipping point here! But No, let's pile on Joe the Plumber instead. Who cares if the economy goes down the drain.