i dont know.
sometimes i hate it - when it goes frizzy and looks terrible! and it gets annoying because i have to wet my hair every morning for it to look decent.

However, sometimes i actually love my hair (not trying to sound too big headed :P) but when I'm having a good hair day, i get loads of compliments from people I barely even speak too or strangers! And i like having different unique hair , can also be quite sexy haha

So just wondering , do you like your curly hair ?

Because I think we should all learn to love it!
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Totally agree with you!!! Today I absolutely hate, hate; hate my hair!!!There is absolutely nothing lovable about my hair today!!! It is downright ugly........now calm down Notty...........tomorrow might be another day! Breath deeply Notty....tomorrow might be a nice day!!! might be a nice day!!! It is very dry today......woke up and had to be on the road in 1/2 hour..........so ugly I went!!!
between Botticelli & Corkscrew curly-very thick, coarse hair

When I get to be 'Queen of the World', I will absolish WIND!!!