When the revolution comes, wavies will be revealed for the low imposters that they are and driven into the mines along with their secret compatriots, the straighties, and forced to excavate long tunnels that will be used for super secret curly hair styling research. Curlies who straighten will be sent to reeducation camps and allowed to reenter society as upper servants and overseers of the wavie internment camps. Straighties will be forced to sleep in the mines in large corrals, and fed only once a day. Thus will the curlies assert their true nature and reform society as God no doubt intended from creation.
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AND THE 3C'S SHALL RULE U ALL!!!!!! Bwaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha

We ARE the chosen ones.
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Y'all are weird.
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Totally not thread related but I love your new pics lush, pretty pretty pretty .

Also if you don't mind me asking is that your natural hair color?