I have no experience of wavy hair so I this kind of nullifies the comment, but it seems wavy hair is easier to maintain (correct me if i'm wrong!) and although it'll still frizz or be undefined, it can pass easier for 'straight' hair and get tied back easier etc. Before I found this site I did only used to consider 'real' curly hair the sort of curls I have and above, but now I've read all these boards and the trials and tribulations of a wavy i'm not so sure... Obviouslly 'wavy' is a looser form of 'curly' but then 'wavy' is a more excitable form of 'straight'. Wavy is also unique, its neither straight or curly.

Somedays I really long for wavy hair. It looks a lot more 'romantic' and almost natural (not saying curls arent natural, but it just seems...free-er). I LOVE the girls hair in the CG book, when LM goes on about colouring curls one curl at a time so they're like ribbons of light. A wavy is holding her head back, and its bright blonde with gorgeous waves. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

But lets not be curlist and try segregate ourselves. There is a definite split between straight/not-straight and wavies and curlies alike stand on the 'not-straight' side.

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