Another simple thing to understand, and something we've all been hearing about and witnessing for several years now, is that people like your average CEO have enjoyed compensation increases of up to or above 50ish% while the average salaried employee hasn't been nearly as lucky with a paltry 5ish%. The wealth that is being created is not being shared in an equitable fashion. And, please, if anyone says that that CEO deserves his $10m - $100m bonus check more than the employees under him deserve a check in the amount of 50% of their salaries, your computer will explode in your face. Just a warning.

Meanwhile, some of these same CEOs have run their business into the ground so much that our government just used our money to bail them out.

The wealth is already being spread around. Except it's not being spread around to those who could really use some, and who do work to help create it.

I'm also tired of the, "if I work harder than someone else, I shouldn't be taxed for it" argument. I make more than a nurse or teacher, but somehow, I don't think that I necessarily work harder than they do. I also make way more than a cop or fireman, but I can't say that I work harder, and my cushy office job is certainly not remotely as perilous. So, that argument does not really hold water.

Regarding this plumber guy... He said on GMA that he was contacted and asked to show up at a rally, but that he happened to be there and Obama showed up. Both sides of the mouth much? I doubt that it was the Obama campaign that contacted him. One could easily conclude that he was a plant. The fact that the McCain campaign has latched onto him could be considered confirmation. And by latching onto him they put him under a spotlight.

Moreover, he is not in a position to buy the business, and the business's revenues are only $100k. So, he presented himself to appear as one thing, when in actuality he is another.

What is it they say about the simplest explanation usually being the right one? Mhmm.

McCain could have easily, and with more validity, made his points without the use of a transparent and pathetic tactic. But, he'd rather use a personification of an exaggeration, (Joe the plumber) because people are tiring of the elusive caricature (Joe six pack) that he was using before.

What is most ironic about this, is that now he has a publicist (huh?), is looking in a book or record deal (what?), and other such mess, and may now actually be able to parlay his 15 minutes into some money. Possibly more than $250k. And all because he asked Obama a question! He might want to say thanks.

Further, who got a stimulus check? Because I didn't. I hope you're spending "my" money wisely.

Lastly, there is nothing at all wrong with wanting to ask questions of your candidates, or with having dreams and goals. Don't try to associate ridiculous opinions to me.

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