I used to hate it. I spent about 15 years in denial... constantly blowdrying it straight and even had that Japanese straightening thing done twice. My hair was just one frizzball - not curly, not straight. After the second time I did the Japanese treatment, I realised that my new hair that was coming through was proper curl so I decided I wasn't going to straighten it any more and just let the curls back. OK - I still straightened it but much less than I used to...

But I still wasn't thrilled with the curls - some days were good hair days, others were so awful I could barely bring myself to leave the house. Since discovering CG and this website (by complete accident!) I've had more good hair days in the last month than I've had in the last five years!

I did like my hair straight, but I think the curls are more me - wild and unpredictable
UK CG since: 1 October 2008
Hair type: 3A/3B
Currently using: Superdrug Naturals Coconut and Sweet Almond Condition (co-wash), Aussie Frizz Miracle (conditioner), L'Oreal Nutri Gloss Masque, Boots Curl Creme (style)
'Don't you know straight hair ain't got no curl...' ~~Prince