I find it very interesting that Joe the Plumber has become such a big issue to so many liberals. He is a private citizen who asked a question. Maybe you find fault at his asking because he "has no license" or "doesn't have the money to buy the business," but I look at it as a representative question of millions of other people out there. Maybe looking at it in that perspective is why so many people want to tear him down. . . he had a legitimate question. Find fault with him, do whatever you want, though I find it petty in the scheme of things, but what about all those people who are "Joe the Plumber" and want a straight forward answer to his question.

Bill Ayers isn't important, Rev. Wright isn't important, but Joe the Plumber is? This I don't understand.

I personally find Obama's relationship with Ayers more important. I am voting for him, but I find it an area that should have been addressed much deeper. . . at least much deeper than Joe the Plumber's background.