I find it very interesting that Joe the Plumber has become such a big issue to so many liberals. He is a private citizen who asked a question.
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I don't think anyone had an issue with Joe-the-private-citizen and his question. Obama answered his question and I think he answered it clearly.

It was the fact that John McCain elevated this Joe to the central theme of his campaign, mentioned him 20 times in the debate, referenced him in every speech, trotted him out at rallies and sent him out to talk to the networks. At which point Joe was not longer just a private citizen, but a spokesperson for the McCain campaign. Don't you think that before McCain's campaign decided to make this guy such a celebrity that they should have made sure their facts (and his) were straight?
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His question was representative of many people out there. When John McCain brought him up in the debate, I took it as that "representative of the many people this question would or could affect." Not that Joe the Plumber was one person but one of many. I don't think Joe would have become so big in the days to follow if the liberal media hadn't planted themselves on his door step and hadn't hounded the guy so much. The fact that a Democrat somewhere in the Ohio government took it upon him or herself to dig into his past was just plain petty and useless.