I had a TERRIBLE time at school. I remember so many occasions when I came home in tears from comments. I got called everything. I got 'frizz', 'frizzy', 'fuzz', 'buzz', 'fuzzy bear', 'big hair' and I regularly got called ugly with reference to my hair. I was constantly asked 'what did you do, put your finger in the socket?' I was shy and quiet so regularly got referred to as 'the one with the big hair.' I also remember being in a science class with boys behind me talking about cutting my hair off or burning it with the bunsen burners. And all the name calling has given me an actual physical reaction against frizz - ease! It came out when I was at school and people used to nastily yell at me 'get some frizz - ease'. Some girls tried to be genuinely nice and advised me to use it but I did try it and hated it! The serum hardly covered any part of my hair and all the products just made it feel horrible. I now can't bear the name because it just reminds me of being picked on at school. Some of my worst memories are:
1.I can only have been about 12 at the most and I was walking along the road, probably from school and a young couple were behind me, probably in their late teens and the boy started making loud comments about my hair and how stupid I looked and laughing at me.
2. Playing at the park near my house with my sister and a group of boys started making fun of me and calling me names because of my hair
3. I was in a science class when I was about 15 and I had this awful, horrible science teacher and one lesson she came over to me and took a handful of my hair and flicked it and said 'I wanted curly hair, but not like YOURS, yours is just TOO MUCH.' This was in front of the whole class.
It was only when I went to college at around 18 that suddenly people's attitude to my hair changed. I now only get compliments. I get angry when I see people I went to school with around where I live for how miserable they made me, but at least I can think of all the nice things people say now.
Sorry for the length of my post, it just feels good to get this off my chest!!