kathymack's soap bars are awesome, and I'm having pretty good luck with KCCC plus FOTE aloe vera gel. I'm waiting on KBB so I can try it instead of my current rinse-out conditioners... which are fine, but I am allured by the sweet siren-song possibility of curlier hair with these natural products.
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Ok PJs...

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I have to say that the soap bars have been fantastic. In addition to KCCC and Fote. I haven't been able to ditch CK which isn't "all natural" so to speak but it still is CG . It's a STAPLE and I have to have it before anything else goes in my hair or it doesn't hold and it gets super POOFY. I was amazed that KCCC paired with FOTE actually works for me

Forgot to ADD: I am awaiting samples of Donna Marie L&T and CB so will post results from that as well.
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