Why can't there ever be a positive conversation without Mr or Mrs. Negative input showing up?


I can't wait to have a president who knows what my issues and concerns are?! I like that things can feel personal even if they aren't with Obama.

I understand now why Republicans are scared, great feeling to know the president has YOUR best interests at heart and they don't want to lose that... heck, I wouldn't want to lose it either!!!

Pretty soon I won't have to hang my head in shame when someone realizes i'm from America while i'm visiting a new country!!


Also, anyone understand how anyone can proudly call themselves American and be for America but be so upset about the idea of helping their fellow Americans obtain healthcare, money for survival, etc, etc??
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I say the same thing about people who threaten to leave the country if an election doesn't go their way. The way I see it, I'm an American, for better or worse, and if stuff gets tough, no matter which prez it's under, I'm sticking around and dealing and doing what I can to make it better.


Ms Negative Input.