Wow, this is awesome! My hair has volume, shine, nice curls, and feels light & bouncy! I got my KM shampoo bars and KBB samples - my curls are loving it! I used the Cinnamon Almond bar, sprayed on some ACV rinse, put conditioner over that, then let it sit a few minutes. Rinsed out. Put in KBB hair nectar - I don't care for the smell of the pom guava. It smells like Southern Comfort, and I've had some bad experiences with that! Anyway, I can't smell it anymore. I put a little Recoil over that, scrunched right side up, then upside down scrunched in a little KCCC. Scrunched with microfiber towel and plopped in a t-shirt a few minutes. I am so happy- my hair dryed so much faster too! Thank you ALL for the good tips and Thank You KathyMack for the bars and the samples- you are awesome!
2b/2c Henndigo curls
Currently using: Deva low-poo and OC, KCKT/KCCC, JCCC, & BRHG. + Curlease towel
Also have had success with: CK, FSG, KBB, AOHR, Nature's Gate Conditioner.

pw: curlygirl