Isn't it funny how most of us were picked on when we were kids but as we get older we get compliments. It's odd because you'd think curly haired little girls and boys would be more cute and likeable! When I was a child and in my early teens the only people who liked my hair were the elderly and that doesn't help a teenager feel very cool. Boys especially laughed, but funnily as I get older, they are the ones who love my hair. When I went to college boys suddenly thought it was sexy! My boyfriend now loves my hair and when I straighten it once in a blue moon he says 'yeah, it's nice, but I love your curly hair'. I think he likes the novelty of the straight hair very occasional but is glad when it goes back to curly.
By the way, how many people got picked on as children or teenagers and when they told their mum or other adults they just said 'ignore them, they're jealous.'? I used to hate being told that because I knew it wasn't true and for me it almost made it worse!