I think Abby was being sarcastic. I think her recommendation to “get a chaperone or get married” basically meant: Think of a creative way around the problem (like an adult), or start a life separate from mommy and daddy (like an adult).

I totally agree with CurlyG and mcp. I also agree with discg, who wrote, "The fact she's asking Dear Abby to tell her 'how to get around it' makes her think she probably needs her parents to tell her what to do." …The woman seems pretty dependent on her parents to me.

And it might not seem "fair" that a grown woman is being told what to do in her love life, but one of the problems that comes from being a materially dependent adult, is that you continue to be treated like a child. No matter how old you are, parents still seem to see you as their kid. And you will only be reinforcing them by sticking around their home past the onset of adulthood. How can you really expect to be considered and treated as an adult when you're still feeding into their urge to protect or control you? This is how many husbands (and some wives) have historically controlled the actions of their spouses. It’s called “Material Dependence” and it’s a mighty force.

I can't get too indignant about Voluntary Slavery I guess.

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