I also second kathymack's shampoo bars. They are to die for. And I highly recommend KBB milk or nectar as conditioner/leave-in. I love love love KCCC as a styler, but can't give up my re:coil and am hesitant to give up my Alagio Curl Balm. They're just great. I wanna try QCCC, but gotta hold off for right now.

I also have John Master Organic gel of some sort that I like, but don't use it very often.
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Hold ON to your PJ'ism Sunshine. Have you seen the Donna Marie thread???? It's been "said" that her L&T and CB are even BETTER than Qcccc........so waiting might be a good thing until we hear more reviews

IMHO I actually like Giovanni LI better than KBB Nectars. At least for my little girl who has 3a/2b hair becuase I can use it as a styler and leave-in. The Nectar doesn't have the same effect on her hair. I haven't tried either because I'm using KCKT but when that is gone I'll be usin GLI.
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You. Are. Satan. Evil! I think I've missed quite a few threads in the few days I was gone. Why does all the good stuff happen when I'm gone?
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I'm gone for a couple days and feel like I don't know what is going on! Got samples of L&T and CCB. Will post what my experience is. So far the L&T seems to agree with my hair, kinda reminds me of Honey a little bit? I was afraid to use too much KCCC so I need to try again cuz I would have liked a little less hold. I also want to try it with BRHG for optimal hold!!
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