I have REALLY terrible split ends and breakage from YEARS of flat irons and relaxers. My hair used to be down to my waist and now it is up to my collarbone area. It's way too curly to wear natural when it's this short, but it just keeps splitting and getting damaged. The damage is the worst in the back. If I cut ALL the split end/damage off in the back down to my healthy hair, I'll only have about 3-4 inches of hair left in the back, and if I do the same to the front, I'll have about 6-7 inches there and on the sides. I really don't want a big uneven missing chunk of hair in the back of my head. Should I just try to grow it until it's long enough to wear curly, and then cut off the split ends? Or just go ahead and cut them all off, and risk having poodle-hair? I really hate wearing my hair curly at it's current length, seeing as I'm in high school and constantly get made fun of whenever I wear it curly(it wouldnt be so bad if my hair was longer and healthier...it is much less frizzy and poofy when it is long.)
What should I do?