Are you a persnickety person when it comes to gifts you receive for the holidays? I was listening to the radio and I heard someone bashing, OF ALL THINGS, Soap on a Rope! :fuming:fuming.gif I mean, come on, is there any gift more practical? You don't have to worry about the soap falling down in the shower because it's always tethered to the faucet. These were all the rage years ago! I guess if I want one now, I'll have to do a search on "vintage soap" at EBay! Gosh, I think of all those I purchased in the 70's for the men in my life. Poor Daddy, do you think he really hated the soap on a rope?

And why does everyone gotta be hatin' fruitcakes? Am I the only living person who actually likes these? I know that when a fruitcake is bad, it's REALLY bad. But YUM if I get a good one from the nice lady across the street. I don't want a dozen of them but I have to have at least one every season.

Are there things that you enjoy that others just don't seem to appreciate?