I feel your pain and am very sorry that people make fun of you. They are jealous and insensitive. I have a great cut but quite a bit of breakage from coloring and am just babying it right now.

If you cut it all and end up with "poodle" hair then you'll probably be miserable for a while. Maybe try babying it with DTs like sleeping with a light coating of olive oil or avocado or almond in it once a week. You can't fix it but you can protect it. I also use Blended Beauty Natural Hair Oil before I apply my gel. I don't straighten but I do dry my hair with a diffuser and the oil helps protect it from more damage.

You may want to also get it trimmed every 5-6 weeks so you can keep up with it and still be somewhat happy.

I hope this helps and things work out for you. Good luck
"How can I control my life when I can't control my hair?" - from a t-shirt my brother gave me years ago. I loved it!

Have discovered I cannot live without KCCC and plopping. Always knew that I was dependant on my diffuser.