Its horrible rainy here today, so I just did a DT all afternoon. SInce I had no hopes of decent hair, I pulled out a product I bought way back in May but hadnt tried yet - HESMU.

Rinsed out my DT then scrunched just that in and then scrunched a bit with my CE towel.

I then did a thread search on SMU and found mainly negative feedback - I was prepared for an immediate ponytail day.

But I diffused it anyway and to my surprise my hair dried nicely. No clumps but not stringy - just a full head of springy coils. Absolutely no crunch - in fact my hair is softly light - but not the bad, undefined soft. The good, light as a feather good winter hair I used to get as a teen!

Will need to update as the day wears on to see if it poofs. And tomorrow if I get 2nd day hair.

Anyone else have on-going success with this gel?
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