Hi, TC!
I have very long, coily, coarse, thick, heavy hair, and I really dislike Deva- makes my hair feel like straw. As you pointed out, however, some love it and some hate it - there really seems to be no in-between. If you'd like to try it, go to the Curlmart here on nc.com, and get the trial size Deva set - not so much dinero, and you'll find out if you like it.

BTW, I love re:coil bunches, and yes, it's worth the price!
Waist length spirals - 3a/b
Fave co-wash: Suave Coconut
Fave shampoo: Batia & Aleeza, Chagrin Valley shampoo bars (once every 2 weeks)
Fave conditioner: Back to Basics green tea
DT: Curl Junkie banana/hibiscus
Styling: BotticelliBabe's gelee, brulee and butter - all natural and AWESOME!!!