I've never used it by itself, but mainly layered over something else. Once I tried HEBE I realized I liked that better because it had a bit less crunch than the SMU. I just bought the TT gel last night and tried it out for the first time today. I have some good waves and curls that I wouldn't normally have, but I also used another new product so I'm not sure what it was that did it. I'm hoping the TT gel is the reason since it's so cheap and readily available.
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all the posts i pulled up complined of crunch but i got zero..... maybe because i had just DT'd. Altho I dont get crunch with products that many others do (BRHG).

I tend to get crunch from thinner, glaze-like gels (B&A).

Let me know how you like the TT. And how you would compare the 3! The Body envy intimidates me, cause I have WAY too much body to begin with.... But I see from yer sig your hair is also 2c and thick... Can you give me more details on how that product was for you.

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