Out of all 3, the SMU gave me the most crunch, but it wasn't anything bad. I was able to scrunch it out once it was dry. I need something that produces some crunch or else I have a big frizzy mess. The only reason I tried the BE gel is because of a thread I saw on it. It seemed like a lot of people were liking that one. I wouldn't typically pick something that was for body, but I don't notice anything different with that one versus the others in terms of more body. I don't need body either, but I do need volume at my roots (the only thing that works for me there is clipping it while wet).

I do agree that the BE is the stickier of the gels. I was surprised when I went to use the TT this morning that is was not sticky and seemed lighter in my hand. I had been using the BE for a while, so I guess I got used to the stickiness of it (btw - it doesn't feel sticky in my hair, just in my hands).

I'll have to play around a bit more with the TT and see how they all compare. I'll report back if I'm still liking it after a few more days of use.
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